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Journal Article
Boorjian S, Ugras S, Mongan NP, Gudas LJ, You X, Tickoo SK, Scherr DS.  2004.  Androgen receptor expression is inversely correlated with pathologic tumor stage in bladder cancer.. Urology. 64(2):383-8.
Raman JD, Mongan NP, Liu L, Tickoo SK, Nanus DM, Scherr DS, Gudas LJ.  2006.  Decreased expression of the human stem cell marker, Rex-1 (zfp-42), in renal cell carcinoma.. Carcinogenesis. 27(3):499-507.
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Boorjian S, Tickoo SK, Mongan NP, Yu H, Bok D, Rando RR, Nanus DM, Scherr DS, Gudas LJ.  2004.  Reduced lecithin: retinol acyltransferase expression correlates with increased pathologic tumor stage in bladder cancer.. Clin Cancer Res. 10(10):3429-37.
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van der Mijn JC, Awamlh BAl Hussein, Khan AIslam, Posada-Calderon L, Oromendia C, Fainberg J, Alshak M, Elahjji R, Pierce H, Taylor B et al..  2019.  Validation of risk factors for recurrence of renal cell carcinoma: Results from a large single-institution series.. PLoS One. 14(12):e0226285.